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What to do when someone dies

When someone dies it is common for people to be unsure about what exactly to do next.

When someone dies at home or in a nursing home
The first contact should be with the deceased's doctor who, if satisfied with the cause of death, will issue the Medical Certificate of Death. In some cases you may be asked to collect the certificate from the doctor's surgery. In the case of a death at a nursing home, the nursing staff should liaise with the doctor.

When someone dies in hospital
Hospital staff will arrange for the doctor to issue the Medical Certificate of Death. You will need to collect this from the hospital along with any belongings. If the funeral is to be a cremation, please ensure you advise the hospital staff to enable them to make arrangements for any additional documentation that is needed.

When someone dies away from home or abroad
You should contact your chosen Funeral Director straight away and they can make all of the necessary arrangements on your behalf. This can include bringing the deceased into care from other areas of the UK, or from abroad.

Contact our Funeral Directors
Our experienced Funeral Directors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide help, guidence, support and to bring your loved one into our care.