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Bringing your loved one into our care

When someone dies it is important to contact your Funeral Director so that they can arrange for the deceased to be taken into their care.

If you choose to contact our Funeral Directors, we will ask you some personal details about the person who has died and where you would like your loved one to rest before the funeral.

You can either choose for your loved one to rest within our woodland service centre or at home if it is safe to return them. If you choose your home, we recommend that you allow us to take your loved one into our care and then return them home once all the necessary preparations have been completed.

We will arrange a suitable time to visit you and discuss the funeral arrangements. Alternatively you can meet us at one of our woodland burial grounds or somewhere else such as a friend’s house or solicitor’s office.

Visiting your loved one
All of our woodland service centres have a private remembrance room where you can spend time and visit your loved one in peace and privacy before the funeral.