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Image gallery

Our image gallery shows the natural beauty and spectacular landscape of Poole & Wimborne woodland burial site throughout the seasons.

Click on one of the images on the right to see them in more detail.

Our service centre has unrivalled views across the grounds and countryside
The pathway leading into Poole & Wimborne grounds
The peaceful burial areas surrounded by woodland
Pathways lead across the grounds
Benches provide a peaceful place to sit and reflect
The rolling park grounds are a tranquil place to walk
Beautiful views of the Dorset countryside surrounding the grounds
Pathways stretch across the park alongside the woodland burial areas
Pathways help you find your way around the grounds
The lake provides a tranqil place to walk
Bird boxes encourage wildlife to live within the park
The meadow landscape is a comforting place to walk and remember
The natural meadows are ideal habitat for wildlife
The stunning, mature woodland within the grounds
The woodland service centre provides a peaceful setting for a funeral service