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Memorial options

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Q: How are burial plots marked?

Rather than a traditional headstone, all woodland burial plots can be marked with a memorial tree and simple bronze plaque. This helps to maintain the beautiful natural environment of our woodland burial grounds As each woodland develops it will create a natural habitat for wildlife and become an everlasting memorial to a loved one.

If you choose to bury the ashes of your loved one within one of our ashes plots then you can place a memorial plaque. Unfortunately there is not enough space to plant memorial trees on our ashes plots.

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Q: When do the memorial trees get planted?

The memorial trees which are planted on woodland burial plots are planted in the autumn following the burial. Burials taking place after the 31st July will normally have their tree planted in the following year between November and February.

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Q: Who maintains the grounds and memorial trees?

Our woodland burial grounds and the memorial trees are maintained and cared for by our experienced groundsmen throughout the year; they are specialists in looking after the native plants, shrubs and trees.

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Q: Can flowers be left or planted at a woodland burial ground?

Yes, flowers can be left on burial and ashes plot, however, we request that cellophane, ribbons, plastic packaging or unnatural materials are removed beforehand in order to maintain the natural environment and protect the wildlife.

Flowers and funeral tributes which have started to deteriorate will be removed from plots after a few days on all occasions to ensure that our sites remain as natural as possible.

Flowers can be planted on a plot; however, we ask that families only plant specific varieties which are native to the local area. A list of the permitted varieties is available at each of our woodland burial grounds.

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