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Wildflower meadows

We are developing almost eleven acres of new wildflower meadows across our three woodland burial grounds in support of The Co-operative Group's Plan Bee Campaign to reverse the decline of UK bee and pollinator populations.

The new wildflower areas will provide a rich habitat for a host of pollinators such as honeybees, hoverflies, butterflies and moths, providing the nectar and pollen they need.

Work started at each woodland burial ground in September 2011. We will be developing 3.5 acres at Poole & Wimborne, 2 acres at Hinton Park in Dorset and 5 acres at Mayfields. A diverse range of wildflowers and grasses will be planted including Yellow Rattle, Betony, Devil's-Bit Scabious and Bird's-Foots-Trefoil.

We are committed to encouraging flowers and wildlife to flourish within our grounds. If you have any questions about our wild flower development please contact our Funeral Directors.

WildflowersOur team as work commences on the wild flower meadow at Poole & Wimborne Woodland Burial Ground