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Personalising your Woodland Funeral Plan

All our Woodland Funeral Plans are tailor-made. We can help you plan a funeral to your exact requirements, so it reflects your unique life and personality.

It's easy to personalise the details of your funeral arrangements and plan your funeral in as much detail as you would like with the expert guidence of our Funeral Directors.

  • Location and type of funeral service - in a church, at the plot-side or in our beautiful woodland service centres.
  • Type of coffin - choose from our wide range of coffin styles.
  • Music - choose a favourite song, hymn or live music to be played for the funeral service.
  • Floral tributes - choose from the many different flowers and styles of arrangement.
  • Natural memorials - each of our woodland locations offers a range of memorial trees which are native to the local environment.
  • Special wishes - choose ways of making your funeral service completely unique, some examples include dove releases and horse-drawn hearses.

For more information about our Woodland Funeral Plans please contact our Funeral Directors

Our woodland service centre at Hinton Park woodland burial groundService centre at Hinton Park